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Pangea Accelerator is a leading African Accelerator looking for exceptional ventures to match with capital and scale to exceptional heights.
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View our ongoing programs across different fields, employing our expertise to develop start-ups into sustainable, investable businesses with our partners

Pangea Climate-Tech Accelerator

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Pangea is a Kenyan – Norwegian venture builder, accelerator and investment platform that matches African startups with investors running Pan African Programs. We also invest in high potential startups that are impact driven, providing both capital and operational support for startups – in essence becoming the co-founder of choice for African Startups. Over the last 5 years Pangea has been at the forefront of supporting business ventures with the aim of building sustainable business models for scale.
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Our partners span grant givers and other funding channels to service providers. We provide an ECO-system to ease and support venture growth.

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We have implemented numerous programs over the years across different, employing our expertise to develop start-ups into sustainable, investable businesses with our partners.

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Ventures we work vary in size, focus and ambition level. Here straight from the companies. It is all about product, processes and impact


Duhqa enables retailers to connect with manufacturers and other supplies sources, locally & internationally. We solve logistics and delivery inefficiencies.


Workpay is an HR tech tool that bridges the gap between how Kenyans earn money and how they spend it.


Mobile application that’s used for Exchange your solid trash by discount coupon on real services likes ( Food , Drink, Medical, Transportation…etc )

Gjenge Makers

Gjenge constitutes a community-focused enterprise striving to cater to the requisite for sustainable and economically viable alternative building materials within Kenya and the broader Continent. 


HelpMum is a social enterprise birthed with the mission to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Africa. Their mission a is to be Africa’s leading mobile healthcare (mHealth) service provider before the year 2025.


Ecodudu is a waste-to-value venture, utilizing the Black Soldier Fly as a rich source of protein for animal feeds while recycling organic waste into organic fertilizer through a natural and easily scalable process.
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